Temporomandibular Joint Therapy (TMJ)

Take the first step to reducing your jaw pain

TMJ pain can severely impact your quality of life, ranging from jaw joint pain to headaches. Pinnacle Dental offers a number of non-surgical therapies to help minimize your pain.

Aqualizer® Temporary Splint Therapy

Aqualizer® is a revolutionary, self-adjusting oral splint. It helps support the jaw in a comfortable position placing bite and body in harmony. Normalizing the bite can provide TMJ pain relief at will without drugs.

Night Guards

Custom-fit night guards can protect your teeth from the pain and damage of bruxism, also known as teeth clenching and grinding. Unlike over the counter guards, customized dental guards are made to fit the shape of your teeth and jaw providing more comfort and relief.

Photobiomodulation Therapy

PBMT, formally known as Low Level Laser Therapy, is a light therapy using lasers to improve tissue repair and reduce pain and inflammation by stimulating blood flow to the affected area. With the treatment, patients will experience temporary relief of minor pain, often ideal when experiencing a flare up. Relief may last for several months.

Trigger Point Injections

Eighty-five percent of orofacial pain comes from muscles. Trigger point therapy along with neurotoxin injections provide relief to patients who have been suffering for years. Relaxing the overactive muscles will allow the jaw and teeth to properly align, often resulting in relief lasting months.

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