Dental Cleanings & Periodontal Treatment

We’ll make sure your cleaning is comfortable and as painless as possible!

At Pinnacle Dental, we don’t make our patients feel guilty over missed appointments, cavities, or any other issues. We’re just happy you’re here!

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Dental Cleanings

Our hygienists are gentle and meticulous while striving to make you feel at ease. By having your teeth cleaned twice a year, Dr. Kottman can complete a thorough exam of your mouth, including screening for oral cancer, and discuss with you anything she might see and answer any questions you might have.

A dental cleaning shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If needed, we offer anxiety-free Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, to make sure you have a stress-free visit.

Our dental office's comfortable and calming atmosphere

Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease, caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar is a progressive condition that if left untreated will lead to bone and eventual tooth loss.  Left unchecked it can also have negative consequences throughout your entire body, not only your mouth.

To benefit your health, we offer non-surgical scaling and root planing (sometimes referred to as a 'deep cleaning') as a first-line therapy to treat and manage your disease.

Our hygienist deep cleaning a patient's gums to prevent periodontal disease

Patient Reviews

Brittany was kind even when we were running behind. They kindly accommodated us into their busy day! Stacey knows us by name, is professional, caring and knows how to keep me comfortable as she works! The doctor is kind and knowledgeable - the office and staff run smoothly together. This is the best dentist office! My kids have never been fearful and looked forward to the toys after the visit. Great place to go for the whole family.
Timothy S

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