Crowns & Bridges

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Do you suffer from damaged or unattractive teeth? Putting off treatment could jeopardize your health or cause your teeth to be damaged beyond repair. The team at Pinnacle Dental would love to help you restore your smile!

Invisalign retainers with carrying case for convenient storage

CEREC® One-Visit Crowns

A crown replaces the weakened or defective tooth structure with a stronger material. Traditional crowns are normally completed in two visits. Our in-house CEREC® same-day crown system can prepare, fabricate, and deliver your crown in a single appointment. From start to finish, the process typically takes just two hours. CEREC software also allows Dr. Kottman to design a crown that fits precisely, feels like your natural tooth, and is metal-free.

Dr. Megan Kottman showing the CEREC® same day crown machine in the dental office.


Bridges are commonly used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. These restorations are made up of three or four crowns fused together to fill the space left by a missing tooth. The natural teeth on either side of the space are used as retainers to hold the false crowns in place. The office procedure is the same as for a traditional crown, except with multiple teeth being prepared instead of one.

Dr Megan creates a virtual computerized model of a bridge

Implant Crowns

Are you missing a tooth and looking for a permanent, natural-looking solution? Or maybe you're dissatisfied with the fit and retention of your denture? Dental implants have become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. At Pinnacle Dental, we provide services for single-unit, multi-unit, and implant-supported overdenture attachments.

A new implant crown for a patient

Patient Reviews

“The facility and staff are very welcoming. Dr. Kottman creates a calming environment to get dental work done.”
David L.

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Dental Crown
Dental Crown

Dental Crown

Our in-house CEREC® one-day crown system can prepare, fabricate, and deliver your crown in a single appointment.
Dental Implant Crown
Dental Implant Crown

Dental Implant Crown

A dental implant crown is the perfect solution to replace missing teeth
Same Day Crowns
Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

Cut your visit time in half with our CEREC same day crowns