Crowns, Bridges, & Veneers


Crowns are fixed restorations used to strengthen or improve the shape of a tooth. Often a crown is indicated when your tooth is weakened due to a large cavity, failing existing restoration, trauma, root canal treatment, or even from being worn down. Other times, a tooth that is misshapen or esthetically compromised would benefit from coverage with a crown to make it blend more seamlessly with your smile.

At Pinnacle Dental, we offer both traditional and same-day crowns. Traditional crowns are completed in two visits and are indicated when the individual situation requires either the strongest possible materials or the detailed artistry of a laboratory technician. During the first visit, your tooth will be prepared, an impression will be taken, and you’ll leave with a temporary crown while your crown is being fabricated at the lab. For details on the care of your temporary crown, please refer to our Forms page. At the second appointment, your crown will be tried in and adjusted and then permanently cemented to your tooth.

If your situation allows, we’ll use our in-house CAD/CAM CEREC one-day crown system to prepare, fabricate, and deliver your crown in a single appointment. Please see our CEREC One-Visit Crown page for more information.


Bridges are commonly used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. These restorations are made up of three or four crowns fused together to fill the space left by a missing tooth. The natural teeth on either side of the space are used as retainers to hold the false crowns in place. The office procedure is the same as for a traditional crown, except with multiple teeth being prepared instead of one. Bridges are a great option to fill a space in your smile or to replace a failing tooth when the teeth on either side of the space could benefit from strengthening or cosmetic changes as well. A bridge requires special attention to home care and specialized flossers to allow you to clean under your bridge, which Dr. Kottman will demonstrate for you. For details on the care of your temporary crowns or bridge, please refer to our Forms page.


Veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain bonded over your teeth’s front surface to cover worn enamel, uneven spaces, stains, chips, or cracks. Although veneers are considered cosmetic because they correct misaligned or crooked teeth, they also protect the surface of damaged teeth from further harm. Not only are veneers durable, there is minimal drilling involved to prepare the teeth. Our veneers are fabricated by an expert laboratory technician so we can get the most esthetic and natural result possible for you. White your veneers are being fabricated you’ll wear temporaries that will allow you to test out how your new teeth will look and feel and determine if you’d like any changes in the final product. For details on how to care for your temporary veneers, please visit our Forms page.

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