Using Botox for Bruxism

Pinnacle Dental Grove City can treat Bruxism with botox.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the term dentists use to describe teeth clenching and grinding. If left untreated, the clenching and grinding can wear down and break natural teeth and dental restorations and cause pain in the jaw joint and muscles. Common conditions that can lead to bruxism include stress and sleep apnea. But often there is no known cause and individuals are just genetically wired to clench or grind their teeth. Someone with bruxism can often be spotted by their square jaw or broken or worn teeth.

Botox Treatment for Bruxism

Even after being treated with a night guard or a sleep apnea appliance, some patients still experience bruxism. For these patients, botox can be a treatment option to help relax the jaw muscles. By relaxing the jaw muscles, Botox blocks the jaw from exerting the extreme clenching or grinding force on the teeth, which ultimately results in less muscle pain and protects the teeth. As an added benefit, over time the relaxed jaw muscles decrease in size providing a more slender look to the face.

Dental Botox is just one of our cosmetic dental procedures that we offer at our Grove City dental office. If you are looking to improve your smile, or looking to alleviate pain caused by bruxism, schedule a consultation today and learn more about our cosmetic dental services.

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