Creating a positive experience at the dentist for kids

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) suggests arranging a child's initial dental visit when their first tooth appears or by their first birthday. This early introduction to dentistry will help your child feel more comfortable.  

Creating positive dental habits for your child sets them up for a lifetime of success. The dental team and parents must work together to create a positive experience to ensure you meet their pediatric dental needs. But you can do many other things to foster a positive experience.

Carefully Schedule Their First Appointment

Balancing a demanding schedule between work, school, and social events can be difficult. However, scheduling your child's dental appointment at the best time can make the process easier. For example, if your child has a dedicated nap time, don't schedule your visit within that time frame. Also, try not to make them miss something they were looking forward to, like soccer practice. Go when your child is more likely to be alert, not hungry, and in a good mood.  

Bring Comfort Items

Many young children have a favorite stuffy or blanket they like to take places with them. These are comfort items that are welcome in dental offices throughout America! Having it with them makes a strange situation less intimidating as long as it is discrete and won't make much noise.

Use Encouraging Words

Children are like sponges and will absorb your words – even when talking about the dentist. Avoid using words that may scare them, like "hurt," "pain," or "ouchie." Use encouraging and positive language, and speak with the dental team if you aren't sure what words to use.  

Prepare Your Child for a Lifetime of Positive Oral Health

Start your child on the right path by scheduling their first pediatric dental appointment with Pinnacle Dental. Dr. Kottman is a mom herself and knows the importance of making good first impressions with kids in her chair. Our entire team is excited to meet you and your child, so call us today!