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My dentist says I have a cavity, but my tooth doesn’t hurt. Why do I need treatment?

Cavities may start small, but they shouldn’t be ignored. Cavities occur when the bacteria in your mouth use the sugars in food to create acid, which slowly dissolves tooth structure creating a hole. If ignored, cavities won’t go away on their own, and will eventually progress to cause pain and damage your teeth down to the nerve. When that happens, the problem goes from routine to emergency, and often requires invasive treatment. Remember, if a tooth has started hurting, it is often too late.

At Pinnacle Dental, our goal is to prevent you from ever experiencing a toothache, let alone tooth decay. We monitor small lesions and only recommend treatment when the situation is likely to progress without intervention. We won’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t want done in our own mouths. Our goal is to preserve your natural teeth or offer treatment that will keep the rest of your teeth in good health and preserve your smile. At Pinnacle Dental, we believe it’s easier to fix things when they’re small, before they become a problem.

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